A Promise…😘❤

I was like a lost boat in an ocean, and a wild wave pushes me toward shore of a beautiful island and that wild wave was you- I wanted to put you in many ways but I could not find a suitable category for you. Because you are not the one who can be fit … Continue reading A Promise…😘❤



(an open letter from third world country girls especially.) It is a beautiful morning, spring season at its peak. I woke up and I am having my morning tea while sitting in my garden, the whole surrounding is filled with the flowering of mango trees and humming bee. The mother nature is blooming at its … Continue reading FROM YOUR BABY TO A SLUT

FEAR OF "unknown" Everyone is afraid of something, some is afraid of fire, some of water , some of heights, and bla bla.... but there is one thing which is very common in everyone, i.e. FEAR OF UNKNOWN, it is with everyone but we deny it publicly and whenever such situation comes in life, we … Continue reading